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Is Super-Fast Fibre internet available where you live?

Do you want a great, reliable service with people you know & trust?

Call our internet support guys on 08456882999 between 9am and 6pm.

Outside these times leave a voicemail giving your name and contact number and the LANDLINE telephone number to be checked for availability and they will get back to you ASAP.

Or check for yourself here: and you’ll see if it’s available and what expected speed your line will support.

Our service is NOT your standard residential offering which you get from the likes of BT, Sky or Talk Talk.

It’s a business grade offering and uses the Central Plus Internet Network which only carries business traffic and is kept away from the residential traffic.

It’s up to 80Mbps Down and 20Mbps Up!

You have a Static IP if you want to run a server.
There is absolutely NO THROTTLING !!!
There is absolutely NO BLOCKING !!!

One off setup charge of £25

£38.99 ALL INCLUSIVE per month!

Direct Debit sign up!
12 Months initial contract and then rolling 30 days contract.

Pre-configured Wireless modem routers are available from £45 + vat with FREE DELIVERY Or you may be able to continue using your own equipment.

Only Openreach can install and maintain telephone lines in the UK (except if you live in Hull or the Isle of Mann) so it doesn’t matter who your current provider is we should be able to provide the service.

If you want us to we can take over your existing phone line and reduce your phone line rental to just £12.34 + vat!!!!

So come on lads, no more bitching about crap broadband and being blocked or throttled.

Get on Pika-Net Fibre Internet.