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  • £359.99

wow, what a beast of a box
the ZIDOO x10, comes ready built by us with everything you need installed ready to go!!!
Includes a 2tb Seagate 7200rpm 3.5" HDD installed
one years Owners Lounge Supersub IPTV
one years Owners Lounge PLEX VOD sub
and a LIFETIME sub to VPN UNLIMITED !!!!!

thia machine has to be seen to be appreciated, from the packaging to the design and materials used, everything is 1st class, because of the high value of this product we only deliver by ups or dhl on a 48hr tracked servce!!!



Functional overview


*  Customized Android system and it is perfectly combined with media play and openness of system;

* Supports HDR10 technical, and also supports Ycbcr/4:4:4/ 12 bits/ 4K@60HZ outputs;

* Powerful decoding capability and supports 4K UHD H.265/10bit and maximum with 400Mbps streams

* Zidoo exclusive media center; supports SAMBA/ NFS. It is also the same as PC, which supports some normal operations of the file like copy, paste and delete, etc;

* Support USB mobile HDD player, and with NSS patent metal built-in and 3.5 inches HDD BAY.Harmless of plug in and out over 100,000 times and supports SATA 3.0 hardware over to 10T GPY format;

* The first one developed 23,.976, 59.94HZ frame-rate auto switch ;

* Supports all 3D formats playback (Including MKV MVC 3D), clean picture, appropriate depth, adjustable depth of field and support 3D subtitle

* Supports Blu-ray menu (IGS+ BDJ); supports POPUP menu and DIY subtitle.

* Powerful subtitle system with subtitle downloader built-in, and automatically online subtitle searching based on the current movie. Supports any kind of subtitle effects (Size, Color, Frame, Shade etc); exclusive function of supporting customized ASS font;

* Powerful internet performance; 1000M self-adaptive cable network and 802.11AC dual-frequency Wi-Fi and can meet all kinds of environment;

* 4.0 Bluetooth low power chips built-in and able to connect speakers, keyboards, mouse and other peripherals;

* Configuration full-function backlight remote control, complete media playback control, you can a key POPUP, switch tracks, subtitles, stop and other functions.

* Perfectly support RAW outputs and Zidoo exclusive lip sync technology;

* Unique HDMI IN 2.0 port, and able to achieve PIP and support recording function;

* Unique timing hibernates and shut down;

* Oversize LED display and gets to know the working condition of the machine; able to shut it down through software;

* Aluminum alloy CNC shell, 5DB higher gain double antenna;

* With global CDN OTA upgrade system built in; timely firmware updates;

* ZIDOO exclusive music player, support APE, WAV, FLAC and other music formats, support CUE track. Build your own PLAYLIST.